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Crawford's journal

As the sun hits, she'll be waiting
9 May
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I'm a 25-year-old singer/songwriter/artist/playwright/actress/musician/writer/poet from the Atlanta area. I have a BA in English from Kennesaw State University, and I'm currently enrolled in the Low Residency MFA in Creative Writing program through the University of New Orleans. (Low Residency means I take online classes in the fall and spring and in-person classes at study abroad programs in the summer. This past summer, I went to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and in 2011, I'll be going to Edinburgh, Scotland.)

I'm pretty much obsessed with music, theatre, literature, film, and almost every other form of art. I love sharing art, creating art, experiencing art, teaching and learning about art.

I've had this livejournal for about nine years, but I really want to revive it. Most of my non-promotional entries are F-locked, but I'm trying to be more open and use this more of a place to actually write. I like sites like Facebook and Twitter, but I also really enjoy connecting with people who like to write in this format.

If you're interested in my music, writing, or artistic projects, check out my website at http://saracrawford.net

I also post all of my blog entries from my website here.