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Wed, Jun. 8th, 2011, 12:09 pm
Like live indie music?

Hey livejournal land!

In case any of you LJers care about my band or maybe even *gasp* like our music, Drunken Unicorn where we are playing our CD release show is now doing live streaming on the internet!

So if you want to watch our CD release show, you can go to www.livestream.com/drunkenunicorn and watch it live! Friday, June 24th, starting at 9 (or probably more like 9:30) PM Eastern Time. (It will be available to watch for like six months, though, so you don't have to watch it live.)

If you actually LIVE in Atlanta, please, please, please, actually come to the show!! It's only 5 bucks, and it's like the closest event I will ever have to a wedding or baby shower. Come celebrate this creation of life music with me!


I will post this link again when the show gets closer!

Mon, May. 9th, 2011, 07:19 pm
It's my birthday!

If you're on Facebook, click here and click like to support my band :)

Then check out our album art contest and vote for your favorites!

Mon, Apr. 11th, 2011, 06:45 pm
Calling all artists!

A democratic approach to album art:

So, as many of you know, my band, Pocket the Moon, is releasing our debut self-titled album, Pocket the Moon, in June. There will be ten tracks overall, all of which we’ve been playing at our shows, half of which are up on our website, facebook, reverbnation, and myspace pages. You can listen here - http://pocketthemoon.com/music

We wanted to get our supporters involved in the artwork for the album so what we are going to do is have a contest where artists can submit a design of any medium (photography, digital art, painting, etc.) by April 30th. Then we are going to post all submitted designs (without the artist’s name) on Facebook and have everyone vote on their favorite.

The winner will be our album cover! The winning artist will also receive a free copy of the album, a free ticket to our CD release show (if they live in Atlanta), and they’ll get one of our Pocket the Municorns. :)

We don’t have any “rules” for the design. We want it to be your visual interpretation of our music. The only thing we don’t want is an image of the actual band (i.e. a portrait of me and Geoff). Other than that, it’s completely up to you. Just listen to the half of our album that we have up so far and create something that “looks” like our music to you.

Save your artwork as 300 DPI or higher resolution graphic files: BMP, JPEG, or TIFF , and meet the size and dimension requirement listed here under the 2-panel insert template: http://www.diskfaktory.com/Artwork-CD-Template.asp

To submit your design, e-mail your image to pocketthemoon@gmail.com by April 30th. (We’ll give you until midnight. We’re going to have the submissions up on May 1st and have voting go through the 8th - so 1 week!)

We’re really interested to see what comes out of this!!

Fri, Apr. 8th, 2011, 02:16 pm
Please be awesome and supportive! It takes two seconds!

Please go "like" Pocket the Moon's page on Facebook! It will really help me out when booking shows (especially for the tour) as music venues often judge bands by how many online fans they have.

All you have to do is click here: http://facebook.com/pocketthemoon

And then click "like."

And then you're done!

Thu, Mar. 31st, 2011, 02:35 pm
Awesome musicians

From the Pocket the Moon blog
We've been playing with a lot of really great musicians lately, and I wanted to share them with you so that you can check them out!

Romeo Spike - an alternative band with really interesting instrumentation and solid hooks - They kind of remind me of a more current version of all of those mid-90s bands I used to love (like Dishwalla - remember them?)

Romeo Spike website
Romeo Spike facebook

Verge of Bliss - this band sounds like what would happen if you put a little Zeppelin, a little Joan Jett, and a little ass kicking all together in a blender. It's straight up ROCK. They put on a really high energy show! - Their next show is Saturday, April 9th at Wonderroot. Check it out!

Verge of Bliss website

Verge of Bliss facebook

Sydney Eloise - A very talented songwriter, Sydney writes songs that are both catchy and heartwarming. She reminds me of the first Jewel album with more of a Southern twist. Check her out!

Sydney Eloise on myspace
Sydney Eloise on facebook

1880s Dance Party  - These guys are becoming one of my favorite Atlanta bands with their well-crafted songs and skilled instrumentation. They're a blend of folk, Americana, and indie. And their songs will just make you feel better about life.

1880s Dance Party myspace
1880s Dance Party facebook

Juliana Finch  - Incredibly gifted singer/songwriter who's been playing around town for years. She's a true storyteller songwriter, and her songs will move you. If you like Ani DiFranco and Jennifer Nettles, you'd be a huge fan. She'll be playing a benefit for PIGS Sanctuary on April 16th!

Juliana Finch website
Juliana Finch facebook

Groovestain - a reggae/ska band that puts on one of the most energetic shows I've ever seen - they will have you dancing around unless you hate fun. They'll be playing Jekyll and Hydes in Newnan, Georgia on April 1st!

Groovestain website
Groovestain facebook

Fayuca - these guys are from Arizona, and they're on tour with Groovestain - they're also a reggae/ska band with more of a punk rock edge. Be prepared to have your face rocked off! They remind me a little bit of Sublime. Check them out! They're playing with Groovestain in Newnan on April 1st!

Fayuca website
Fayuca facebook

- a dreamy, psychadelic indie band from New York - they remind me a little of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs meets Bjork with some Secret Machines mixed in. I was blown away by their set at Wonderroot last week so definitely check them out. Their next show is in Cambrige, MA at the Lizard Lounge.

Railbird website
Railbird facebook

The Rex Complex - Nadia from The Moon and Pluto described this NY band (who is on tour with Railbird) by saying, "They’re sound is endowed with afro beats, experimental rock, and a heightened tribal-like energy." That's pretty much dead on. Their set at Wonderroot last week was also amazing. They have such a different sound, you just have to hear it to understand!

The Rex Complex website
The Rex Complex facebook

- this string rock quintet from Northampton, MA is an absolute joy to experience - If you're a fan of Jump Little Children, you'll love these guys. Their next show is in Northampton, MA on April 22nd as they're done with their tour for now. But I'm hoping they come back to Atlanta in the near future!

Darlingside website
Darlingside facebook

nerdkween - (from her Wikipedia - yes, she's cool enough to have a Wikipedia article, which I think is exciting!) "nerdkween is the stage name for the American singer/songwriter and composer Monica Arrington who is known for lo-fi recordings and minimalist style of electric guitar playing with added electronic noises." I've been hearing about nerdkween for years, and I've been a fan of her sound! I'm excited to finally get to play a show with her - we'll be playing with nerdkween on April 8th at Picaflor Studio

nerdkween website

nerdkween facebook

Hope For Agoldensummer - I've been a big fan of this Athens-based band ever since I saw them in Athens in 2004 (I'm pretty sure the above video is from that show!) - They are an amazing folk band, and we have the opportunity to open for them in Augusta on April 6th at Sky City, which I'm really excited about!

Hope For Agoldensummer website
Hope For Agoldensummer facebook

So there you go. I'm so unbelievably grateful to be surrounded by all of these amazing, talented, and completely unique musicians. So check them out. There's something for everyone here! Go listen to their tunes, buy their CDs, like them on Facebook, SUPPORT LOCAL AND/OR INDEPENDENT MUSIC!!


Mon, Mar. 28th, 2011, 03:25 pm
If you're on Facebook...

Please go "like" Pocket the Moon! And share the page with your friends! http://facebook.com/pocketthemoon


Mon, Mar. 21st, 2011, 02:06 pm
Home cover series! First up, "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan

From my blog at http://saracrawford.net/blog

Hey guys!

I always love listening to people doing covers of songs that I love on YouTube. You can hear so many great interpretations of songs that you love!

I decided to start a "home cover series" on YouTube. I'm planning on taking requests and learning some new covers. (I already have a few that I'm going to do from my last round of requests on Facebook as well as my Kickstarter page.) YouTube is a great place to play covers also because it gives me a chance to do songs that I wouldn't normally play out. (I don't really do a lot of covers at shows normally, and when I do, I want to make sure they're songs that everyone knows.) But here, I get a chance to share my versions of some more obscure songs. I'll also be posting quite a bit of "mainstream" covers though as well because I'm pretty open minded when it comes to music, and I like a LOT of different things. I might even do songs that I don't necessarily like. (Sometimes I think it's really fun to play acoustic versions of songs that I think are ridiculous. I did promise my friend, Tommy, a Katy Perry cover even!)

I like learning and playing covers, though. I like paying tribute to other artists, and I like challenging myself to make someone else's song my own. Plus, covers are just fun. :)

If you have any requests for future covers, leave a comment here!

But I'd like to start this whole thing of with one of my favorite covers. It's a song that everyone knows, a song that everyone has covered, and one of the first covers that I learned! I've been playing this song since I was 14, and it still hasn't gotten old to me.

So I hope you enjoy!

An acoustic cover of Knockin' on Heavens Door by Bob Dylan

Hey, ayoub - your photograph is totally in the background. Hehe.

Wed, Mar. 9th, 2011, 02:35 pm
If you're on Facebook...

Please go "like" my new band Pocket the Moon!

You can stay tuned about our upcoming shows, CD release, music videos, AND we do lots of fun things like giveaways! (We just gave away some Pocket the Moon unicorns...seriously!)

When we reach 500 fans, we're going to do another giveaway. Maybe a Pocket the Moon decoupage something like my album cover table?

We'll see! Anyway, help us out :)


Fri, Feb. 25th, 2011, 03:40 pm
St. Paddy's Day!

Thu, Feb. 24th, 2011, 11:06 am
A poetry project - Driving Downtown to the Show

From my blog

Atlanta by jkelley1 on deviantart

As many of you know, I've always been one of those artists who must be doing multiple things at once. Writing plays, writing songs, playing music, sometimes acting, writing screenplays, sometimes film making, writing poems, decoupaging tables...there's really nothing I won't at least try when it comes to art. I've decided lately, though, to kind of put everything on the back burner and focus on music, specifically Pocket the Moon. I spend most of my time promoting, booking, writing music, practicing, recording, etc. (Well, Geoff's really doing most of the work on recordings. I just show up and play/sing. He's the one who makes it sound badass.)

I am still doing my grad school program, though. I'm pursuing my MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Playwriting. And while I'm sort of taking a break from writing plays specifically to really concentrate on Pocket the Moon, I am still working on poetry for my poetry writing workshop.

My professor in this class, though, wanted us to come up with these incredibly elaborate procedures. We are basically writing enough poems over the course of the semester to have a chapbook of poems at the end, and he wanted us to come up with "rules" that decide the content, length, and writing schedule. He also wanted us to come up with a title for our books.

I decided that since I am focusing so much on music right now, not just my own music, but also being a part of the Atlanta music scene that my procedure (and my book title) would incorporate this theme.

Here’s my procedure:

Writing schedule: Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, I will write a poem after band practice.

Content: I will look up the bands on the bill of a certain music venue, and in my poem I will have to use one of those band names in the first five lines of my poem. (Tuesdays - The Earl, Thursdays - Star Bar, Sundays - Drunken Unicorn - because those are probably my favorite venues.)

Length: When I sit down to write, I will put my iPod on shuffle. Whatever song plays, I will look up the lines of lyrics and that is how many lines my poem will be. If it is an instrumental song, the length will determine my line count. (i.e. a song that’s 4:57 would be 57 lines in 4 stanzas.)

Title: Driving Downtown to the Show

This is obviously not how I usually write poems. I might start with a particular form in mind or even a writing prompt, but never something as elaborate as this. But so far, I am really loving the work that is coming out of it. And having to write three poems a week after coming out of a period where I haven’t written any poems for at least two years was definitely a challenge at first. But now, I’m right back into the swing of things.

These are some of the band names I’ve used so far:

Hip to Death

Wild Nothing

How I Became the Bomb

Dead Rabbits

Quiet Life

The Future of Airports

Another reason I'm loving this project is because it further reinforces the idea that all of the artistic projects I am involved in are connected. I can never just be a poet, playwright, musician. I am always all of the above. My poetry is greatly influenced by music, my music is greatly influenced by theatre, my plays are greatly influenced by poetry, it's all connected!

I’ll leave you with one of the poems I’ve written for this project. The band name I had to use that day was Siberia My Sweet (which is also one of my favorite local bands ironically.)

Frozen Tundra

Last August, when the salty, suffocating air
nearly strangled us

as we crept through the Deep South
you took my hand and said,

"Let's travel to Siberia, my sweet
and become one with the frozen tundra.

We can become snowmen with
little black hats, and at least we'll

know that we'll never melt away,
our hands frozen together

in miles of ice and snow." You smiled
at me and kissed my cheek.

I untangled my fingers from yours
and kissed the night air of the Deep South.

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